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20 Ways to Pray for Your Church

Do you pray for your church? Compared to other items on your prayer list, how much time do you take to pray for your church? Jesus established the Church (all believers) as the way to spread His message. Practically, this means millions of churches (local congregations) all over the world spreading His Word and sharing …
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What is Biblical Worship?

What do you think of when you hear the word “worship?” Do you think of attending a Sunday church service? Do you think of the Israelites offering sacrifices at the Temple? Do you imagine David tending sheep while strumming his harp and singing? Just what is Biblical worship? That simple question, “What is Biblical worship?” …
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Living for Jesus

How to Find a Good Church

Church should be a central part of your life if you are a believer in the risen Christ. But what church? There are many to choose from: different denominations, different sizes, different styles of worship, different styles of preaching, and more. How to find a good church when there are so many choices is a …
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Family Life

A Simple Fall Bucket List

It’s the first day of fall, but the forecast here in Georgia is for 90+ temps today, and we broke 90 all week last week. The weather is supposed to drop into the 80s next week, but it’s still a far cry from sweater weather! Still, it is fall and in honor of the season, …
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Life Well Lived

Goal Setting 101

As I write this, there are exactly 22 days left in 2019. The Christmas season is in full swing. Some of you might be excitedly enjoying all the Christmasy things. Some of you might not. But here’s the thing: Christmas will soon pass, and a new year will be here (ready or not!). Have you …
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Depression is Not a Sin

I have posted before about living with depression. I have mostly been depression-free for several years because I’ve taken charge of my life, my medication, and my choices. But that doesn’t mean that all is rosy. Right now – today, this week, this month – is a challenging time in my life. I feel as …
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