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18 Goals Before 2018

I hit 55 last week! I see no reason to hide or deny this fact. Iโ€™d rather be 35, or even 45, but thatโ€™s in my rear-view mirror!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

The journey from 54 to 55 has been one of change in my life: My husband retired (then got a job in a different field when we moved). I quit my job. We moved across the state. We sold the home we loved and bought a new one. We downsized our needs so that we could be closer to our kids and grandchildren.

It all happened so fast, and I found myself needing to catch my breath occasionally. But the benefits are well worth the changes:

  • Seeing our sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren more often โ€“ wonderful!
  • More time for writing and other creative tasks.
  • Living close enough to a major airport (Atlanta!) that mom can fly up and I can fly to Florida to see her more frequently. In fact, she just left two days ago after a two-week visit. We painted my kitchen cabinets!
  • More time for Bible study and prayer โ€“ and hopefully sharing more as the Lord leads.
  • A calmer, more peaceful demeanor, as I left behind the stress of teaching elementary school.

Despite all these benefits โ€“ I have no regrets โ€“ I sometimes find myself wondering what to do next. Iโ€™m looking for a part-time job to supplement our income, but basically my days are free to use as I please.

We are exhorted in Ephesians 5:18, to redeem โ€“ or use wisely โ€“ our time. I want to use my time wisely, so I revisited my goals from earlier in the year and found some of them no longer fit. Others needed fine-tuning. A few were accomplished. But basically, I needed new goals. So, I made some โ€“ 18 to be exact. โ€œ18 Goals Before 2018.โ€ Not a new idea with me โ€“ just Google it and youโ€™ll find several bloggers on the bandwagon. I first read about this on bohoberry.com โ€“ and she took the challenge from Lisa Jacobs.

Here are my 18 Goals Before 2018:

  1. Lose 25 pounds โ€“ โ€˜nuff said
  2. Unpack all moving boxes โ€“ still working on that
  3. Organize kitchen โ€“ got a good start
  4. Organize office โ€“ almost done, may finish soon
  5. Paint kitchen cabinets โ€“ done and done!! Never doing it again ๐Ÿ˜Š
  6. Get back into regular writing habit โ€“ a work in progress
  7. Change kitchen hardware โ€“ completed
  8. Fly mom to Georgia โ€“ had a great visit!
  9. Get 10 more email subscribers โ€“ sounds small, but Iโ€™m still starting out
  10. Visit family in Chattanooga five times (or more) โ€“ three down!
  11. Keep grandson overnight โ€“ on the calendar
  12. Make 2018 goals โ€“ in December
  13. Get family pictures made โ€“ probably in December (?)
  14. Work up to walking 2 miles a day โ€“ not even started!
  15. Get rid of remaining school books โ€“ done
  16. Have whole family get-together 2 โ€“ 3 times (with new grandbaby due in November, this may be tricky!)
  17. Thin out DVD/CD collection โ€“ Iโ€™m making the move to digital ๐Ÿ˜Šbut havenโ€™t started โ€˜thinningโ€™ yet
  18. Decide on new budget software and new budget for new situation โ€“ done

I just realized, as I was typing this list, that only one is blog related! I should add some balance to my list by adding a few blog goals โ€“ actionable and doable โ€“ so that I donโ€™t get discouraged, and can finish the year on a high note.

So, I just did some brainstorming in my journal, and have chosen 5 additional goals that are blog related:

  1. Publish Christmas devotional series in December
  2. Read one book about writing/blogging/business in November and December (2 books total)
  3. Brainstorm products to create and offer to readers who sign up on my email list
  4. Write daily โ€“ very important!
  5. Try to write posts ahead by up to 2 weeks

Now, how about you? Can you hop on the 18 before 2018 bandwagon? Or, since itโ€™s almost November, how about doing half that amount? Or even just five good goals to focus on. Whatever you choose, I hope you do choose and donโ€™t just let life happen to you. Cho

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