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Back Porch Relaxing

I am sitting on my back porch, with my laptop, catching up on email, reading blogs, enjoying the view. I spent the morning doing errands, preparing for our mission trip to Poland – we leave on Friday – and taking care of little things around the house. I enjoy the summers off I get with teaching, and find myself wondering if pursuing a different career path – potentially one without summers off! – would be worth the trade-off. But in all honesty, this summer is still too young for me to answer that question.

So, I take care of small chores while enjoying some free time and wondering about how best to use this time. Relaxation? Check. Reading? Check. Writing? Check. And wondering if there is some way that I can make this more relaxed way of living a way of life? How’s this for starters:

  • Waking around 7, and going for an early walk for some before-the-heat-of-the-day exercise.
  • After a quick shower and light breakfast spending an hour or so with the Lord in Bible reading and prayer.
  • Then some writing, some reading, and more relaxing on the back porch.

Sounds like a plan to me…now how to get a paycheck for this?? Feel free to share ideas!



1 thought on “Back Porch Relaxing

  1. Sounds like a great start to summer Tammie! ( My name is Tammy.) Nice to meet you on internet! Seems we have A LOT in common. I’m a teacher by profession… going part-time beginning this school year (big smiles). After 30 years in the field, I am ready. I hope you visit my blog. I signed up for yours because of all that we have in common…………
    (Sometimes I post corny stuff. Sometimes serious, but always to encourage women for today towards Christian living.)

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