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Digging into the Word – Introduction

When I was young, before marriage, before kids, before mortgages and jobs and multiple moves – when I was young and newly saved, my time with the Lord, digging into His Word, was easy to come by and sweet. I was saved at age 17 and dived into learning the Scriptures as if I had just learned how to breathe. It was everything to me, and finding the time for devotions, study, memorizing, and simply reading the Word was easy.

Then I got married and soon had two babies. Life was a little more complicated. I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for many years, as I homeschooled through 5th and 8th grades for our two boys, but even without the pressure of an out-of-the-home job I struggled to get into the Word consistently. I read the Word almost daily but was usually thirsting for more. My craving for deeper study was quieted by video study courses, such as those by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Lysa TerKeust. Still, I wanted more.

I wanted the time to really dig deep into the Word on my own, to mine its riches, and apply its truth directly to my life. So, gradually I dropped out of those video courses and replaced them with more time in the Word itself. I still occasionally enjoy a video series, but more of my Bible time is spent in the Word now than in listening to someone else talk about the Word. I appreciate everything Bible teachers have done in providing video courses and am grateful for the benefit they provide to millions of women. I will still jump at the chance to attend a live event and try to clear my schedule for a simulcast. But the fruit of someone else’s study is not enough food for my spirit; the fruit of my study is what I need.

That said, and understanding that we all go through phases when we can just barely get a few verses in some days or when a video series is an oasis in an otherwise dry desert, I encourage you to try to go deeper with the Lord. This is the first of a still-undetermined number of posts about studying more deeply in the Scriptures. I will be sharing some useful tools, useful websites, and some Bible study methods that can help you unlock the treasures of Scripture. I will provide some resources to walk you through some introductory study that, I hope, will encourage you to go deeper. My goal is to post one Bible study related post each week, so you have time to investigate tools, apply principles, and carve out time for study without being overwhelmed. I hope you join me on this journey into studying the Word and invite some friends along.

For now, I will leave you with my #1 tip for getting the most out of the Word: get into it, even if it is only a few verses, every day. Establish the habit, even if it means getting up at 5 a.m., staying up till midnight, or stealing a few minutes during the kids’ naptime. (The kids do take naps, right?!). Just do it, to borrow a phrase! See you next week.

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