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Free Online Bible Study Tools | 10 Tools to Get You Started

I’m getting excited about starting our Bible Study methods and walking with you through one study. But before we get there, we need some resources to help our study along. So, today I will be sharing with you my favorite (free!) online Bible study resources for studying God’s Word.

Online Bibles

I have chosen to list the websites that have online Bibles in alphabetical order because, really, they all have something to commend them! Each resource has a different feel, so play around with them and see which one is your online bible study tools

You may know this as the YouVersion app. It is a great resource for reading the Bible. The YouVersion app has 50 versions of the Bible in English, and well over 1,500 versions in all of their more than 1,000 languages! It is definitely the place to go for variety. The YouVersion app also has multiple reading plans and devotionals, many of which I have used. Its strength is in getting the Word before the eyes (and in the ears – there are audio versions too!) of people. I use it on my phone, but I don’t use it for study.

With 50 English versions of the Bible, this online study site is extremely versatile. I love their parallel Bible feature – a feature many other sites have as well. I also like that when I search for a word, it brings up all words that start with it. For example, if I search for “king,” it will also bring up “kings” – so if I’m off on the exact wording I’ll still often be able to find what I’m looking for. Another plus – with their free account you can write and save your notes. They also have a paid account, but I haven’t tried it, although you can check it out on a 30-day trial.

I had heard of Biblehub before, but never really used it until I started researching sites for this article. However, I really like the look and feel of Biblehub. It has multiple study resources including encyclopedias, concordances, dictionaries, and commentaries. In all fairness, Bible Study Tools, Bible Gateway, and the Blue Letter Bible all have those tools as well. I haven’t used Biblebhub as much as Bible Gateway, but I’ll give it more of a test-ride going forward.

This is one of two ‘go-to’ sites for me. I like the way it has integrated Strong’s concordance numbers into the site, although, honestly, I’ve just discovered a site that may kick it out of the running. Like the other sites in this list, Bible Study Tools has audio versions, encyclopedias, commentaries, and dictionaries. You can also sign up for a free account to save your notes and track your reading through a variety of plans.

I’m not that crazy about the interface on Blue Letter Bible, but love their resources! In addition to the standard, they have timelines, charts, and maps, creeds and confessions, and resources for missions (near to my heart) and cult awareness.

The site is one I’ve just learned about – and I love one specific feature! If you hover your mouse over a word in a passage, at the bottom of the page a short definition will come up. And if you click on the word, a more detailed definition comes up on the right, along with a link you can click to find every use of that word in the Bible. Love it!! So much easier than the Strong’s interface on Bible Study Tools.

Other useful resources for study

This list could be a million miles long, so I’ve just picked four great sites, to round out a nice even ten recommended sites to try. Every ministry today has their own sites, so if you’re a fan of an author or ministry – check out what they offer as well. Again, these are listed alphabetically.

This is the site for Anne Graham Lotz’ ministry. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Billy Graham’s daughter teach in person and have read a few of her books. All good! The site has several resources available, including free Bible study guides for download.

A treasure trove of resources for the family, the church, Bible study, and articles on lots of different topics of interest to believers. I particularly like the ones that keep me abreast of popular culture. Easy to lose time on this site, so set a timer on your phone!

Gty stands for Grace To You – which is Pastor John MacArthur’s ministry site. The sermons, available to stream or download are well worth your listening time. One great way to use these is in addition to your own study. For example, let’s say you finished studying Colossians; you could listen to the sermons on Colossians during your walking time, while you start another study. I wouldn’t suggest listening to them at the same time because you want to get into the habit of studying the Word for yourself. has Bible study resources, articles on several Bible topics, and verse-by-verse exposition. You might also want to check out – the ministry of Kay Arthur.

As I said at the beginning, this list of resources could have been very long! My goal here, however, is not to be exhaustive, but to share resources I’ve used and that I’ve found helpful. If you know of other sites that I should check out, let me know in the comments.

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