You Can Learn to Study the Bible on Your Own

Do you love the idea of studying the Bible, but also find it overwhelming? Questions abound: How do you start? Where do you start? What do you study? Can I really do this?

The answer is YES! You can study the Bible on your own. God wants you to know Him – and He has revealed Himself in His Word. He wants you to study His Word so you can know Him better.

Is this you?  You read your Bible (almost) daily. You attend church regularly. You have gone to several video- or book-driven Bible studies. It’s all good. But you long for more. Do you long to know the Word better and to know the Author more intimately?

If you answered yes, then I’ve got good news for you. The Digging Deeper workbook will teach you how to study the Bible using several different approaches. As you learn to study the Bible on your own, you will learn to know the Word better and the Author more intimately. 

What's included in the Digging Deeper workbook?

  • How to do a verse analysis
  • How to do a topical Bible study
  • How to do a word study
  • How to do a biographical or character study
  • How to do a chapter or book study
  • Examples for each method of studying
  • Blank worksheets you can print over and over
  • Suggestions for where to start
  • Links to online resources
  • and more!