Are you ready to draw closer to Jesus?

Hello there–
Are you ready to draw closer to Jesus? To let go of the pretending, the pressures, the self-criticism and to find yourself again in Him?

Maybe your adventure with Jesus is just starting. Maybe you’ve been traveling with Him for a while. Wherever you are, He has more for you. Because you are more.
More than a wife. More than a mom. More than an employee or business owner or
home-schooler. You are a child of the King. And when you find your identity in Him, life becomes a never-ending adventure.

Come on in, grab your coffee (hot tea for me, please) and Bible, and buckle up!

Jesus brought us together on purpose – for His purpose.
Join me as we sit as Jesus’s feet and then go live and love like He would.


Learn to study the Bible for yourself!

How do you study the Bible? If you’re like many believers, you use a printed workbook and possibly video lectures. These are great and have their place.

But nothing beats studying the Word for yourself, on your own. You learn so much more by doing your own work, looking up words and verses, reading and rereading passages. This workbook will teach you how!

The digital file is available for immediate download – so you can start Digging Deeper into the Word on your own!

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About the author:

Hi! I'm Tammie, the face behind this website.

I’ve been saved for 40 years but didn’t grow up in a Christian home.

I’ve been married for 35+ years. My husband filed for divorce twice but God miraculously redeemed our marriage. My husband is my best friend now.

We have two married sons and the four most beautiful grandchildren in the world.

Jesus has taught me a LOT over the years, and I just want to share what I’ve learned.

I have homeschooled (14 years), done home daycare, taught elementary school, earned advanced degrees in reading education, had 3 miscarriages, and been a victim of sexual assault. I share this just to let you know, my life has been a challenge – just like yours – but Jesus has always been faithful!

I’m passionate about knowing Jesus through the Bible, living out my faith in real life, helping others to put feet to their faith, and reading.

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