20 Ways to Pray Journal

A journal to expand your prayer life

You Can Have a VIBRANT Prayer Life

  • This journal will help you
  • Create a system for praying so you will pray more
  • Examine your prayer life to gain more power in praying
  • Plan your prayer focus for every day
  • Grow closer to Jesus as you grow in prayer
  • Recognize & celebrate answered prayer

Become a Warrior on Your Knees

  • Directions and suggestions for use
  • 20 journaling prompts to help you examine your prayer practices and areas for growth
  • Sample weekly schedule
  • 10 prayer lists providing 20 items of prayer for family, ministries, and more
  • 100 extra prompts plus a blank page for more - along with ideas for using them

Hey there! I’m Tammie & I love Jesus

  • I was saved at age 17 from a Catholic background
  • I graduated from Bible college
  • I have written and taught many Bible studies and retreats for churches 
  • I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and former elementary teacher
  • I love to spend time with Jesus in prayer – but didn’t always!


  • This is a digital product that will be immediately available for downloading, reading, printing, and using.
  • The journal contains more than 50 pages – so only print the ones you need!
  • The best way to learn to pray is by praying – and this journal is designed to get you praying!

Some comments on the "20 Ways to Pray" lists

Wow. This is an amazing list. This will be so helpful as I pray for my own lost loved ones. Such great insight from Scripture. -Jill

This is so special!! This year I’ve been working on praying better & praying daily, but I have found it difficult to pray for the “lost” like you talk about here, so I’ll definitely be using this as a guide. -Kristen

Such good ideas, and very clearly expressed. Thank you for this. -Sonya

I really appreciate this list – and I like how you’ve pointed out that “It is a great place to start with praying for those outside of your own family circle or close friends.” I’ve forwarded this to friends with whom I’ve had a recent conversation where they said they didn’t know “how” to pray for their minister. This is wonderful! – Lori

I love this! It’s so important to pray for our children – I love these scripture-founded prompts. So awesome and effective -Linda